The following paragraphs explain the Privacy Policy of the Impetuz LLP Psychological Practice. This policy is designed to assure that information gathered by your Psychologist over the course of assessment and intervention/treatment at the Practice is in compliance with the Personal Data Protection Act 2012 and is used in an appropriate, secure manner, and to provide for access to, and correction of such information.

Information Gathered
Over the course of intervention/treatment at the Impetuz LLP Psychological Practice, information is gathered that allows the psychologist to make an informed professional decision as to the most appropriate assessment and intervention/treatment methods to be used. This information will include basic demographic data (e.g. name, date of birth, address, etc), as well as other information that is deemed relevant. This will usually include the following:

  • The nature of the problem for which you are presenting;
  • Areas of behaviour related to the presenting problems;
  • A history of the presenting problem;
  • A family history of relevant information; and
  • Other information deemed necessary to make an informed clinical judgement about the nature of the presenting concern and other relevant factors

Confidentiality of Information
Generally, all information gathered over the course of assessment, consultation and intervention/treatment at the Practice remains confidential. There are several notable exceptions, however, to this confidentiality:

  • All Psychologists and professionals at the Practice discuss their case load with another experienced Psychologist in a peer supervisory relationship. Information on the nature of the case (though not necessarily full identifying information) is shared at such discussions;
  • In the event that the Psychologist forms the professional opinion that either the client, or another individual is a risk for significant harm to themselves or harm to others, a moral obligation may exist to act on this information with the aim of preventing such harm;
  • In the event that a file is subpoenaed to court;
  • In the event that a written Record Release Authority is provided with the client’s signature.

Use of Information
Information gathered by the Practice is used exclusively for two purposes:

  • For the formation of a professional psychological opinion which is used to guide assessment and intervention/treatment for the presenting concern; and
  • For the evaluation of the service provided by ImpetuzLLP, through collation of detailed statistics about referral sources, nature of presenting problems, attendance durations, etc. In all cases where information is used for statistical purposes, no identifying information is made available.

Security of Information
Information provided to the Practice is held both in the Client File and the Impetuz LLPDatabase (demographics and basic diagnostic information only). All files are held within the Impetuz LLP Psychological Practice, in locked offices, in locked filing cabinets.

Obtaining Information
Requests for information may be made to the attending Psychologist in writing. Requests should be specific as to the exact information required, and should be acknowledged within 14 days in writing. Once a request for information is received, the Psychologist will conduct a thorough chart review and collate the information in an appropriate manner to ensure adequate and full understanding on the part of the requesting person.

Procedure for Complaint/Rectifying Information
Official complaints or requests to change inaccurate or erroneous information should be made to the attending Psychologist. In such cases,the Psychologist will conduct a review of the information held by the Practice and make every effort to ensure that if such information is deemed to be inaccurate, that the information will be corrected.

Impetuz LLP Psychological Practice

February 2018