Wencina finds immense meaning and joy in her life in working with children and families to improve their quality of life for nearly 18 years both in India and Singapore. She has spanned sectors such as disability, education and adolescent mental health.

The first 6 years of her career as a psychologist, she served the Education sector in India as a school counsellor and later as a college lecturer, teaching psychology. As a Singapore registered psychologist, she has over 10 years of experience working with children in Early Intervention Centres, providing development support in preschools and in Special Education Schools.

During her work experience over the years, Wencina became a trainer. She has trained preschool teachers, special education teachers, therapists, support staff in the disability sector and parents of children with special needs. She conducts psycho-educational assessments, intervention and training for children with social emotional difficulties, attentional issues and poor regulation.