Dr Noradlin Yusof (Lin)

Lin’s passion in supporting the community started early in her career and she has devoted the last 15 years contributing to and growing in the helping profession. She finds fulfillment in working with children, youths and individuals in the area of engagement. She is a registered psychologist in Singapore and New Zealand and she specialise in Educational and Clinical Psychology.


Ms Joanna Sime

Joanna’s passion is working with children with developmental language disorder. She also enjoys working with children and youth with speech disorders, stuttering, social communication difficulties, and with caregivers for young children with delayed language development.


Ms Sok Kiang Lee

Sok Kiang, previously a primary school teacher, has more than 30 years of teaching experience. Having taught in various schools, she has had the opportunity to work with students from various backgrounds and age groups. She finds fulfillment in working with struggling readers and learners, and has a deep desire to design more creative and stimulating strategies to engage students in their learning.


Ms Ng Li Sha

Li Sha enjoys working with children of varying needs and abilities. She started her career as an Autism Therapist at Eden School where she worked with students displaying challenging behaviours as well as their parents and teachers. She formulated and implemented individualised strategies to reduce the frequency of these behaviours, and thereafter coached teachers to implement the strategies independently.

What People Are Saying About Impetuz...

After only 8 sessions with Dr Lin, I was pleasantly surprised that J's anxiety issues have improved (or reduced) greatly. He was taught some coping strategies including breathing and thought - shifting techniques which proved to be helpful. To help J with his social skills, I signed him up for Secret Agent Society course with Dr Lin. The course helped J to be able to read social cues, taught him skills to make and maintain friends etc. Most importantly, J was having a lot of fun while picking up the skills. I really appreciate Dr Lin's effort and patience in helping J overcome his issues. I will definitely highly recommend her services to others who need them! Thank you, Dr Lin!

Mdm HL, Parent of J, P5 student, February 2019

We really appreciate the time and effort taken in empowering us with options when making decisions and reassuring us with every step. Thank you for not only teaching Y ways to allay her anxiety but also equipping her with life-long skills to control it. Thanks again.

Mdm Su, Parent of Y, Sec 1 student, February 2019

We found the consultation session fruitful and interesting. Overall, it was pleasant.

Mr J, Parent of AJ, 3.5 year old pre-schooler, February 2019

We are very grateful to have found Impetuz. It was God-sent.  My son was having bad emotional outbursts that I couldn't handle.  Most importantly, my son enjoyed the lessons as a Secret Agent where he learnt to read emotions. He has gained learning about himself and tips to better manage his emotional well-being. The journey with Impetuz has given my son and family a positive perspective in handling our emotions. As a parent, I would strongly recommend Impetuz.

Mrs Wong, Parent of A, P2 student, February 2019

We are very thankful for the team’s support and guidance for both our boys, Ian and Zachary. Both my boys attended the Secret Agent course and have benefited greatly from this course. The skills learnt have been helpful for the boys and we’ve seen vast improvements in Ian’s character and emotional well-being. From a reserved and shy boy who had no friends to one who is confident and outgoing, my boys could not have achieved this without their help and guidance.

Mrs Lam, Parent of Ian and Zachary, P6 and P4 students, February 2019

My son started having some anxiety and confidence issues at the beginning of Primary 6. At first, my husband and I thought it was just due to PSLE exam jitters. However, it soon became apparent to us that there were deeper problems. We decided to seek professional help and were recommended Impetuz. Although my son was initially rather reserved, with much patience and skill, Jocelyn was able to build a trusting and positive relationship with him over time. Now, 3 years on, my son has progressed to be more sociable, confident and has learnt essential self-management skills to deal with his condition. Jocelyn is always on hand to effectively respond to our queries or the issues which we encounter. Without her professionalism, guidance and genuine concern, my son wouldn’t have come this far. Thank you and keep up the good work!

Mrs Lim, Parent of C, Sec 3 student, February 2019
"Thank you Dr Lin. We found both our face-to-face sessions useful and insightful.
Not only we heard your observations, assessments and recommendations, we as parents were also able to reflect on our parenting methodology in handling R". Parent, Mr W.
Mr W, Parent of R, 6 years old, 10 November 2020