British Virgin Islands Autism Workshop.

Our Program Author, Renae Beaumont recently volunteered her time to visit the British Virgin Islands (BVI). She delivered a workshop on autism and how to use the SAS Computer Game Pack to empower children on the autism spectrum. The teachers, social workers and health professionals attending learnt about the diagnosis of autism, tools for assessment, and how to use children’s strengths to engage them in social-emotional skills learning.

The workshop was organized as a collaboration between Unite BVI, the Ministry of Health and Social Development and the BVI Health Services Authority with the support of Social Skills Training Institute.

Participants were also given an insight into the full scope of SAS and its use with a range of different children beyond the autism spectrum.

To learn more about the workshop please visit the BVI Autism Centre Facebook page! https://www.facebook.com/511907358918800/posts/1886353161474206/