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Our Values

Impetuz Psychological Service is a private practice that provides a range of assessment and support services for adults, youths and children in a private and confidential manner. In working with our clients, we endeavour to support each individual to…

Our Logo

Our practice adopts the logo of a tree designed to convey a sense of rootedness, strength, growth and buoyancy as we journey through life. The trunk represents the core of who we are and our sense of purpose in life… our ‘WHY’s. The trunk branches out to the leaves, providing support for the different aspects of our life. The leaves, illustrated as four interconnected circles, reflect our belief that life as a whole encompasses four key interrelated domains:

The heart, our feelings and emotions

The mind, our thoughts, beliefs, perceptions

The body, our actions, our lifestyle

The spirit, our spirituality, sense of purpose and meaning of life.