Our Services — Therapeutic and Clinical Support

4-Phase Process

Phase 1

Pre-Assessment Intake Session: a one and a half hour interview session between the psychologist and the client and/or main caregivers to gather background on the individual, family and situation. During this session, background information which includes relevant reports will be shared with the psychologist to aid in the consolidation of information.

Phase 2

Therapy sessions: Individuals will be engaged through the conceptualisation process which may lead to subsequent support sessions to help them manage and work through presenting concerns. The number of sessions will be planned and determined along with the individual.

Possible visit where required: A visit to the setting may be appropriate and at times required to better understand performance in the respective contexts.

Phase 3

Preparation for case closure: Consolidation and preparation for case closure would be key phase. It aids encapsulating insights from past sessions towards future steps. Case closure is discussed during this phase.

Phase 4

Case closure: Case closure is agreed between the individual and the psychologist. Individuals are welcomed to contact the psychologist should future support is required.