Our Services — Psycho-Educational Assessments

3-Phase Process

Depending on the type of psycho-educational assessment needed, the approach to assessment may differ from case to case. In most cases, the usual process below could take place:

Phase 1

Pre-Assessment Intake Session: a one-hour interview session between the psychologist and the main caregivers/ youth to gather background on the child/ youth (i.e. development, medical and/ or educational), family and situation. During this session, background information which includes relevant reports and academic records will be shared with the psychologist to aid in the consolidation of information.

Phase 2

Assessment: assessment requiring standardised and/ or non-standardised tests will be ascertained. In the event formal testing is deemed necessary, appropriate tools depending on the needs of the individual may be used.

Possible visit where required: A visit to the school or home may be appropriate and at times required to help understand behaviours and performance in the respective contexts.

Phase 3

Report and Feedback: A feedback session will provide an opportunity for the caregivers and psychologist to share views and understand the overall findings. At this meeting, the psychologist will provide a written report on the assessment and recommendations.